A New Nationalisation Roadmap for the Middle East

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Talib Bin Hashim

A New Nationalisation Roadmap for the Middle East
Abdulmuttalib (Talib) Al Hashimi offers us his thoughts about a possible new nationalisation roadmap for the region. Against a backdrop of the depressing events that have plagued the Middle East in recent years in particular, a small yet significant victory went unnoticed in the mainstream media and provided cause for celebration and pride to the people living in a small desert country in the Gulf known as the UAE.This small victory came in the form of an announcement made by the world’s largest online professional network and recruitment platform, LinkedIn, that, according to its 2013 ranking of the world’s ‘talent magnets’, the UAE had topped its list with a net talent gain of 1.3%. The survey which measures the net international movement of talent among its members included countries like the UK, Spain, France, the US, Italy and Ireland. According to the…

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